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- My name is Mujahid Ali, and I'm a Full Stack Python Developer with a years of experience building efficient, scalable, and secure solutions for clients across various industries.
- As a Python expert with a strong command of the Django framework, I've delivered high-quality, robust backends that support feature-rich applications. I specialize in database design and optimization, leveraging the power of Django's ORM to create performant and maintainable systems.
- Throughout my freelancing journey and work with companies, I've created a diverse range of projects that showcase my technical skills and expertise. I'm passionate about taking on new challenges and working collaboratively to build the next big thing.
- If you're looking for a reliable and dedicated full stack developer, I'm confident in my ability to deliver results that exceed expectations. Let's work together to bring your vision to life!


I have 1.5+ year of experience in Web Development field. I embarked on my journey as a web developer with an enriching internship at WEBBUGS, where I honed my skills for 3 months. Now, I continue to thrive and contribute to the dynamic world of web development at SPATIAL STACK, where I've been a valuable part of the team for almost a year. I have built numerous REST APIs using Django RestFramework, delivering robust and scalable solutions that meet the highest standards of quality.

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Whether it's a complex system or a simple website, I am confident in delivering high-quality solutions with Django.


I have extensive experience in designing and implementing RESTful APIs that are scalable, secure, and easy to use.


Confident with complex single-page applications and utilizing the latest technologies


Building predictive models or developing custom algorithms, I'm dedicated to delivering high-quality results in the field of ML.

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If you ever looking to get a professional website for yourself then he's the guy who can make up to your requirements. This guy is way ahead in terms of security and reliability no matter what the case.

Abad Ejaz

This boy is a well-disciplined and committed developer with tremendous work. He built an efficient Automation Bot for me to reduce my workload in my daily life routine.

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